Wednesday, 24 April 2019

The services we provide are:


Mini Bus transfer for each case and the desire of the client:


  • Personnel Transportation & Public Organizations
  • Top Level managerialTransportations
  • Friends & Relatives-Transfers
  • Tours-Evening outings and social events
  • Private GroupTransportations


Having a sufficient number of privately owned fully equippedMinibuses, we provide a high level of service to personnel transports and public agencies.
Our drivers are professionals and are always at your disposal to serve you and provide you with every comfort.


Friends & RelativesTransportations

If traveling with friends or family you can very easily using our service to prevent the suffering and the combination of many different modes of transport, saving time and money. Simply combine your shipments renting a bus or a Mini Bus depending on your needs.



We offer tours to anywhere you want.We are ready to guide you in areas with incredible sights including the Acropolis and Athens suburbs suach us Delphi. Visit with us, archaeological sites and famousplaces in the capital and the country.


Evening outings and social events

When looking for comfort in your evening outings, we can transfer you safely and confidentially to your destination. You will feel the luxury of our services and make an impression to those people that you want to.


Transportation private group

Transportation group to mini buses to and from airports, ports, hotels, recreation, etc.


Top Level Managerial Transportation

Our extensive experience in transporting managerial staff is one of our services that stand out. In recent years we are offering high quality services to persons that are very important.
Our drivers are perfectly aware of the English language and can serve clients needs with the most effective way.


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